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“Every day be still and listen to the sweet voice of your soul. If you learn to listen to it and trust it fully, this voice will whisper to you all you ever need to know.” Do you sometimes feel called to something you wish you didn’t hear? Like start to sing or speak to people from…

Full moon ritual to let go

“The power of your inner light will diminish any darkness.” Dear beauty, How much of your daily life do you really spend in your inner light? We all know moments of wonder and joy. However it usually won’t be long before we let our light be dimmed down by something or someone outside of ourselves….

How to align yourself with the abundance in you

“Don’t seek for abundance outside of yourself. Abundance comes from connecting to the source of your creative power and expressing it wholeheartedly out into the world.” A few days ago, my son came to me and said: “Mom, I feel so happy living in this family, I know not everyone grows up with nice parents and…

“When you start to shift your focus, you enter into a world of pure beauty, possibility and magic.” – Fleur Van Til More than ever we’re called to raise our energy, our awareness and our ability to embody our fullest capacity of creative possibility here on earth. There’s no denying that our world is in a…

“Let go of your need for people or circumstances to acknowledge who you are. You are a brilliant star, a magnificent crystal, not for anything you’ve done but for who you are. Stop waiting for approval, you are meant to thrive and shine like a diamond. All you need is your own permission to be as bright…

About JoyLoveGrace

JoyLoveGrace is a tribe where love rules, passion is the norm and experiencing magic a way of being. Fleur van Til and Kim Ho Leung initiated this sanctuary to INSPIRE and GUIDE you to a life you love living.

We’re spirited advocates of personal growth, living in freedom and expressing our unique brilliance by being ourselves. We find inspiration in our family life, nature, traveling, education and the isness of the moment.

JoyLoveGrace invites you to a life of deep meaning and great purpose.

In the near future we’ll offer online courses, presentations, and retreats all aimed helping you aligning with your true purpose, manifesting your dreams and empowering you to become a leader of your own life.

Let’s all unite and gather forces, shift our minds to the greatest possibilities – ever, dream big, bold and beautiful and share our true gifts with the world.
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