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Discover 21 simple, fun and powerful practices that only take a couple of minutes a day to do and experience how they super boost your energy, joy and focus, so that you’ll get more things done effortlessly and easily.

Once you know and practice these 21 rituals, your life will elevate to higher levels of fulfillment and joy!

Welcome to the 21 Day Spark Your Life Journey

– 21 simple daily practices for ease, joy and abundance

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YES! I’m ready to spark my life in 21 days…
Researches show that it takes 21 days to learn a new behavior and change your habit. That’s the main reason why we created this 21 day program for you. We want this change for you. A transition to a life with more meaning, joy and power. A life you absolutely love living. 

Join us in this 21 day program designed to take your life to the next level.
Let’s do this together and make this YOUR life-changing experience!

In the 21 day program you will:

Gain more clarity in your mind.
Sharpen your focus, so that you’ll get more effective and get concrete results.
Feel inspired and more confident in your own skin.
Feel rejuvenated with more freedom.
Experience an overflowing sense of joy, so that you’ll become a magnet for the good stuff in life.
Be lighter, healthier and happier in body, mind and soul.
Reclaim your true power, so that you know to do things with loving intention.
Learn 21 powerful rituals and have life-time access to them.

Feedback of participants for the 21 Day Spark Your Life Journey:

“It literally changed my life…”

“I went on the 21 Day Spark Your Life Journey with Fleur and was absolutely amazed by how small changes can make such a big differences in my level of happiness…”

“I looooooove this e-course!”

“The 21 Day Spark Your Life program is here to help you become totally present with your life and it’s a beautiful journey to invite more joy, ease and abundance into your life…” 

What you’ll receive in your 21 day journey

✓ 21 educational video lessons of 3-5 minutes each
Learn the secrets to have more self confidence, living with greater ease and attracting a new level of abundance and joy. Through these personal messages you’ll receive inspiration, support and encouragement from Fleur. Each video lesson is an action step towards the result you desire.
(Value $500)

✓ Fun and powerful techniques to spark your life
Discover and learn 21 proven practices designed to ignite your joy. You’ll have the tools to clear your mind, de-stress and reclaim your vibrant self, in less time, and with less effort than you think. (Value $300)

✓ Private 21 Day Spark Your Life Facebook group access
Receive personal insights from Fleur. Connect and interact with others on the journey. Comment, celebrate, share stories and pictures. Get inspired by each others actions. Get accountable with your fellow students. (Value $100)

Total value = $ 900

Now just $ 147!

So, join us for the special price of $147 by clicking the button below. You’ll be redirected to PayPal.
We’re so excited to welcome you in our program. 

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Love Your Body personal guided meditation in mp3 audio.
 Daily blissiplines (action steps, inspiration and quotes) to save on your desktop.
✓ Free one-hour private call with Fleur (value $150).


Is the 21 Day Spark Your Life Program for you?

 This is for You if

• You want more JOY, EASE and FLOW in your daily life!
• You commit yourself to take DAILY ACTIONS for 21 days and beyond!
• You want to CHANGE being exhausted and feeling overwhelmed!
• You want to be vibrant and exude RADIANCE!
• You want to claim your TRUE potential!
• You want to experience a huge TRANSFORMATION in your life & career!

 This is not for You if

• You don’t believe in yourself and your potential.
• You believe someone else is responsible for your life.
• You want to stay in your comfort zone of stress and overhelm.

• You don’t have the means or desire to follow through on 21 days.
• You don’t want to take inspired actions.
• You are looking for excuses not to stretch yourself.



Q: How do I know if this will really work for me?
A: This will work for anyone who is committed and takes the time to learn how to use the practices properly
and to practice them. Period.
Q: I’ve already tried other programs and they didn’t work. Why would this be any different?
A: These are super simple, easy 5 minute practices and if you take the steps you will see results. Guaranteed. To change yourself is all about committing yourself for 21 days, so that you’re creating and integrating a new habit.
Q: Will I be able to afford it?
A:  Yes! We offer you a great value for this 21 day program. If you sign up before Wednesday January 27 23:59 PM Eastern Time (USA & Canada), you’ll enjoy the early-bird pricing of $117. The normal price is $147.
Q: What if I don’t have the time to participate in your program?
A: The most successful people in the world have the same assets you have, 24 hours a day. They just use their assets differently. I encourage you to invest 3-5 minutes a day to watch the video (preferably in the morning) and really implement the practices in your life!
But, if this really seems like too much work for you, and you just don’t have time, then maybe you’re not ready to step into the new, more confident, radiant and joyful you. There’s no judgment here, there are a lot of people who aren’t ready to step up, and they’re in the perfect place for themselves, right now. 

We created 21 easy, fun and small practices that will only take a few minutes a day. They are highly impactful to help you break the cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion where we can fall into so easily. 

Mail your questions and concerns and I will get back to you asap (usually within one day):

This journey is created for YOU to infuse your day with more LOVE, LIGHT and FUN, no matter how busy you are!

“The definition of insanity is
to keep doing the same things over and over
expecting a different result.”
– Albert Einstein

So, if this all resonate with you say YES to YOUR journey! Give yourself the gift of having more energy, more freedom and joy in the next 21 days.

What’s included and how it works

You’ll receive a daily video lesson by email every day for 21 days.
You can watch them in the morning, afternoon or evening whatever suits your schedule.
You’ll learn a new practice every day to implement in your daily life.
These 3-5 minutes will ignite your inner spark and create new momentum in your life.
Daily Facebook group posts with insights, inspiration, comments and more.
Each day has a different theme, so you know what to expect.

The 7 themes for the days of the week are:

1. Soulful Sunday  Techniques to rejuvenate yourself, so your soul is filled up with attention and love.
2. Meaningful Monday – Practices to increase your joy, confidence and happiness.
3. Healthy Tuesday  Delicious, fun, easy recipes for YOU and the whole family.
4. Wonder Wednesday  Learning new perspectives in doing things in daily life.
5. Thriving Thursday – Tap into your creative power and learn how to use it.
6. Flow Friday Rituals on how to align yourself with happiness.
7. Selfcare Saturday  Essentials to honor and appreciate yourself.

Praise for the 21 Day Spark Your Life Journey program


Ute round “I went on the 21 Day Spark Your Life Journey with Fleur and was absolutely amazed by how small changes can make such a big differences in my level of happiness. I watched the videos in the mornings. Fleur’s presence is so calming and inviting and the beautiful environment of Ecuador was just perfect to start my day on such a great footing. Most of the nuggets of wisdom offered each day are very simple to implement and I noticed how they helped me live my day more intentionally. If you need new tools or rituals to brighten up your life I highly recommend this program.”

– Ute Lambrecht, New Zealand


Christina roundI looooooove this e-course! I feel happy & inspired whenever I go through the material. We live in a fast paced world. It’s so easy to get lost in the “busy-ness” of the outside world. We are constantly lacking of time, we are driven by our endless to do lists, and if we are not conscious we are slipping into “comparison & complain and live life on autopilot. The 21 Day Spark Your Life Online Course is here to help you become totally present with your life and it is a beautiful journey to invite more joy, ease and abundance into your life. Daily rituals, practices, recipies, self-care tips and more, have supported me in getting back in touch with my inner spark. I highly recommend this course as well as all the wonder-filled work of this beautiful family and tribe of JoyLoveGrace.”

– Christina Szegedi, Switzerland


Andrea round“Dearest Fleur and Kim Ho, wow, I am still looking for words for my immense gratitude for this journey with you…. It literally changed my life. It was so amazing to put full focus, attention and gratitude on mostly the GOOD things in life and in myself. Instead of focusing on why things aren’t working out…. By putting the attention on the good things, the ‘bad’ things in myself slowly faded away. Of course, they are popping up every now and then, but my days go by with so much more joy, love and ease….! I totally love it!! The warm replies on our posts really helped to share and continue doing the journey to the fullest! You two inspire me deeply and I am SOOOOO grateful that you are my good friends as well! Love you a lot lot lot!!!  Well, I guess, by just typing in flow, the words of gratitude came out anyway : -). I definitely feel that what you have to offer is very unique and powerful, keep on going!!”

– Andrea Davelaar, The Netherlands


Celine roundThis 21 Day Spark Your Life Journey came at the exact right moment! I just got back from holidays and really wanted to change several things in my life. This journey empowered me incredibly. With a lot of joyful exercises, it helped me focusing on how I want to live my life and how to be proud of the person I am.
The program helped me embracing what’s here in life. It helped me to embrace myself. At this moment I can see the start of the day as a new gift, which helps to get those feet out of bed on a dark morning! It also helped me to love and care more, and also to take resolute decisions at moments I tend to fall back in old habits or beliefs. 
If you’re looking for and open to literally spark your life, I definitely recommend this journey to you!”

– Céline de Lange, The Netherlands


Suzanna round“I see you both as inspiring people who live their dream with your beautiful children, and are willing to share that with others in a truly, loving & honest way. The training is shaped in a good format. I like the videos – very professionally taken – , the daily emails, and Facebook page for the whole group which adds a sharing value for each of the participants.
So, what did I take away from this? Well, to believe in myself – no matter what – , to stay in a healthy shape, truly care about others around you, and let them know you care for them
The 21 Day Spark Your Life Journey really helps me in having a better inner focus and I’m more able of letting go of internal disharmonies.

– Suzanna Maarse, The Netherlands


The 21 Day Spark Your Life Journey will start January 31 2016. 

Are you in? Click the button and claim your spot for $147 now. You’ll be redirected to PayPal.

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Your guide

Fleur roundFleur van Til is a lover of life, a proud mom of four, a crazy wellness warrior and life coach.
She knows we’re all meant for greatness and that we all – without exception – have the power to live a life we love. She has spent the last decade studying and applying the spiritual laws of what it takes to live such a life.
After practicing the principles and rituals that enriched her life, Fleur created a new online course: ‘The 21 Day Spark Your Life Journey’. She currently lives with her soul partner and four children in Vilcabamba, ‘The Valley of Longevity’, Ecuador, where she loves dancing bare feet in the garden, taking a plunge in the ice-cold river and enjoying amazing starry nights.


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