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JoyLoveGrace is created by Fleur and Kim Ho. During a summer holiday in Italy, when we were visiting a beautiful small village at the Lago Maggiore, our dream emerged. We were so inspired and enchanted by this beautiful place. That was the call to adventure. Our dream was awakened. There was no holding us back and we started to imagine our DREAM life.

Imagination is the starting point of all great dreams and beautiful lives!

Our world desperately needs more dreamers, game changers and lightworkers!

Are you ready to step into your dream and shine your light into the world?


‘Pure beauty, elegance and joy is my path’

Fleur Bio
       ‘Being your most beautiful, radiant and amazing self, isn’t only your birth right, but your responsibility’

I’m Fleur. Lover of life. Soul partner of Kim Ho, joy filled mom, wellness goddess and spiritual life mentor at JoyLoveGrace.

JoyLoveGrace is a business aimed to inspire and guide you to create the life you LOVE, by following the joy and dreams in your heart.

It’s my absolute passion to get you back in tune with your natural rhythms, passions and dreams so you can start to live your beautiful thriving life, right now!

When I quit my corporate job at KLM, I came to realize how long I had been sleep walking through life. Unaware of my habits, belief systems and the way they were determining the results in my life. I also realized how I had been holding myself back for all this time. Controlled by fear and unable to give my inner light permission to shine.

Today I live my life in a state of wonder, deep gratitude and with my eyes wide open. Seeing miracles unfolding in each and every moment. I wake up with a feeling of aliveness and joy that naturally rises up from my being.

Fleur bright

Living my soul’s purpose is the greatest gift. Of course, I fall down and stumble but I do know how to get back up…again and again.

For a long time, I had no idea what my dream really was. I knew I wanted to be at home with my children, seeing them evolve, grow and witness these magical beings unfold.

At the same time I had a deep desire to create and express the dreams in my own heart. Not knowing how to do this  and where to start, made me really sad.

This feeling of sadness set me out on a path to find the answers. What does it really take to live to the fullest, to thrive on all levels and to sing my song without limitations and fear?

I knew to live a soulful, abundant, empowered and truly fulfilled life, I had to start from the inside out and become radically honest with myself.

Whew… this realization took me to the deepest and most darkest places of myself. What I found was the power to transform my life. That ‘yes’, even though I was fearful, I truly had the power to turn this all around and truly thrive.

And so do you!

Walk in nature

The amazing experience of having three unassisted water births at home, was a huge wake up call for my inner feminine power and what we’re really capable of as humans.

Living on Bali for four months and later moving to Ecuador without really knowing how it was all going to work out was an incredible experience. All of this made me deeply trust in life and the force that’s guiding us all.

I made it my passion and calling to awaken and guide every woman on this planet to create her beautiful life of, joy, happiness, radiance and thrive on all levels.

This is the life I live and this is what I want for you!

Let’s shed our limitations and shine as brightly as we possibly can! Our precious planet and everyone living here needs you, your gifts, your light and your magnificence. Are you joining?


Family Dream

Being a mom of four gorgeous children, I’m enjoying plenty of opportunity to grow and be love more each and every day. In many ways nature and my children are my biggest teachers as they are – always, always, always – reminding me to laugh for no reason, to dance, sing and to stop and see the magic everywhere.

Following our dream, we’re living in South Ecuador, sparking up the world, growing our own food, learning about plants and humbly reconnecting with mother earth. Everyday we enjoy the majestic Andean mountains, stumble upon some pretty crazy insects, take a swim in the rejuvenating river and gaze at amazing starry nights.

 You were born with potentialYou were-3

‘Change my way to look at things,
and things I look at will change’

Kim Ho Bio

My name is Kim Ho. I’m a storyteller, traveler, explorer and a Hero with Thousand Faces, as inspired by one of my favorite authors Joseph Campbell. My passion is to explore and illuminate personal growth by telling and uncovering the groundbreaking insights of The Hero’s Journey.

One of my innate talents is public speaking. I’m an expert in giving lively presentations with educational and impressive movie clips. I love to talk about positive, learningful metaphors in stories.

As a leadership trainer, course leader, and motivational speaker, I successfully worked with corporations, training agencies, consultancy companies, government departments and universities in the Netherlands on personal growth, leadership development, management paradoxes, team building and cultural diversity. Check out the PRAISE for my work.

One of my favorite quotes is: ‘Waking Life, Dream is Destiny’

This resonates with my deep desire to fulfill my dreams by manifesting them NOW. Once as a Business Economic student at the University of Amsterdam, I believed that there was a – far – greater purpose for me in life. I followed my inner call to immerse myself in spiritual growth. I mastered the Double Healix philosophy, became an entrepreneur and manifested my own company CineCirkel.

My ongoing mission is to show that an abundant life of meaning and purpose is possible. I walk the talk, I am a school graduate of The School for The Work by Byron Katie (‘Is it true?’), consider myself a film expert (10.000+ hours of watching, researching and analyzing movies) and dedicate my time to study The Tao.

I’m a raw smoothie creator extra-ordinaire – Super Chocolate Elixers 4-ever! – and homeschool my children. I’m married to my greatest mentor Fleur and a devoted father to Uma, Taro, Faye and Mei Li.


Uma Bio
Hello dear one.
My name is Uma Fa Grace and I’m 10 years old. I really love dancing, being creative, watch Bollywood movies (and Indian dancing!), reading and making raw sweet pastries.

My dream is to become a professional ballet dancer. I’m very inspired by Miko Fogarty. I love the way she dances .

I’ve written my first ebook about raw sweet pastries: Uma’s Raw TheLights. With this book I want to inspire and teach children and adults to make fun, simple, yummy and healthy food.

Do you w
ant to know my favorites?

One of my favorite ballet steps is Tendu.
The animal I really like is a black panther.
Purple is my favorite color.
I love Asian food.
My favorite actress is Priyanka Chopra. She is a Bollywood SuperStar actress.

And my favorite quote is:

“Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain!”
– Vivian Greene