Full moon ritual to let go


“The power of your inner light will diminish any darkness.”

Dear beauty,

How much of your daily life do you really spend in your inner light?

We all know moments of wonder and joy. However it usually won’t be long before we let our light be dimmed down by something or someone outside of ourselves.

When my inner light is dimmed I feel lost, I feel tension, I feel alone, I feel thrown off balance. Even though I want to shine and be bright, something needs to be released first.

That is what this ritual is about. Let go and release to strengthen your inner light.

* Our inner light is the capacity to stay peaceful in the midst of chaos.
* Our inner light is the ability to trust in the unknown.
* Our inner light is being connected to a state of joy – no matter what.
* Our inner light is about standing in our truth and our power.

With four children running around the house all day, I get a pretty good daily workout in practicing my inner light. Although, many times I will completely blow it and I’ll be anything but the greatest version of myself.

I do feel we are all asked as human beings to grow and evolve to the point that we really can be a guiding light for ourselves, our family and the world.

This powerful ritual will assist you with letting go of any worry, fear, anxiety, resentment, limited beliefs or stress that might keep you from fully enjoying this time of the year and your life.

Full moon which is on the 13th of december 2016, is a great time to let go and release some old stagnant energy that you might have accumulated over the last year. In this video you’ll see me and my children do this ritual and you’ll learn how you can do it too.

Full moon releasing ritual

~ Play some music and dance to get the energy in your body moving
~ Find some things to create a spiral: rocks, branches, leaves etc.
~ Create a spiral
~ Set your intention.

What would you like to let go of, right now?

~ Take a symbol with you into the spiral, something that represents what you want to let go of. For me this might be a piece of paper where I write down the things I want to let go of, which I then burry or burn in a save way.
~ Bow in the centre and let go. Release your burdens, and don’t forget to breathe out deeply. Let go!
~ Walk out feeling released, clean and free.
~  Pay gratitude to your renewed sense of freedom

Please know that there is no way you can do it wrong. It’s all about the intention you put into it.

Hope this serves you, so you can walk in beauty and peace this wonderful season.
Much Love and gratitude,


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  1. Wendela
    Wendela On 14 December 2016 at 05:51 Reply

    He lieve Fleur,

    Dankjewel voor het delen van dit prachtige ritueel!!!

    Wij organiseren volgende week de stiltewandeling vanuit het witte kerkje in Groet.

    Staatsbosbeheer valt ons ook aan, draait en doet. Ik vind het best lastig om in de verstilling te blijven, dus ik ga jouw spiraal zeker lopen.

    We hebben al 11.000 handtekeningen om het bos te behouden… morgen een interview met Dagblad Trouw…

    Spannend allemaal…. du sik mis af en toe de simplicity…..

    Doe mijn best dit vanuit eenheid, licht en liefde te blijven zijn en doen….

    Ik zal het delen, Heel veel liefs van ons, Wendela

    • Fleur van Til
      Fleur van Til On 23 December 2016 at 20:16 Reply

      Lieve Wendela.

      Dank je voor je reactie!
      Ik begrijp goed de uitdaging om in licht en liefde te blijven.
      Zeker de toestand van de bossen en andere uitdagingen in de wereld brengt ons tot het diepste van ons ziel, zodat wij in actie komen om ons licht sterker te laten stralen.
      Dank je voor al het belangrijke werk dat je doet Wendela! Ik bewonder je actie en je vuur.
      Ik zal ook zeker de bossen steunen, het is te mooi en te dierbaar om te laten kappen.

      All my love love love,

  2. Ocean
    Ocean On 15 December 2016 at 08:27 Reply

    O,Fleur ,that was just what i needed, this natural beauty
    with your words and the children making the words real.
    It really helping and needed this devotion in life,is the feeling.
    Thank you so much ,with much love and gratitude,

    • Fleur van Til
      Fleur van Til On 23 December 2016 at 20:06 Reply

      Thank you so much, dear Ocean for your kind words!
      Your comment means a lot to me and I’m so happy it was helpful for you.
      Sending all my LOVE to you.

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