Fleur rocks
We all have dreams and we all know deep down
we’re meant to live them. 

Whether your dream is planting a beautiful garden, spend more time with your children, move to another home, deepen your relationship or simply enjoy life more… To me everything has magic and genius in it and you don’t know where it will take you.

Life demands so much of us and we demand so much of ourselves. It’s easy to fall into the trap of not being good enough, not doing enough, having enough, to feel stressed out and feel like you’ll never arrive. 

There is a different way though…

It’s my absolute passion to take your hand and guide you back to your natural rhythm. So you can start listening to your heart and start deeply acknowledging who you are. From this place you can take inspired action and create a life you LOVE living. This is where we can end the struggle and start to live the brilliance and beauty that we all know we already are.

Moving to a different country with my whole family to fulfill the dream of living in an exotic place, creating an abundant garden and start a business I love wasn’t always easy. However by keeping the commitment, faith and vision clear in my mind, I was able to manifest this dream.

Now, I’m here for YOU!

I’m holding the loving space for your dreams to unfold, grow and expand. You deserve to receive the support you need to fully BLOSSOM in your life.

How does it work

Fleur ritual

Tell me a little bit about your journey. Here are some questions to guide you.

❥What is your dream?
How would you describe your life right now? How do you feel?
Where would you like to be? Why?
When you listen deep within what is important right now?
What are your challenges?
What would you really like to change in your life?

Write your journey in this contact form below and I’ll contact you within 2 business days.

Then we set up a FREE 30 minute Skype call to see how I can serve you and
if we are a good fit for each other


For me every client is different. Everyone is a unique human being with unique wants and needs. We discover together how our work will evolve. We’re always following the direction of the inspired brilliance, presence within.



Often we’re inspired and unstoppable. And then something happens and we start doubting ourselves again.

That’s why I work with a mentor and successful people work with a mentor. Also a mentor is able to help us realize our dreams so much faster, because we don’t always see the things that hold us back to fully thrive in our lives.

Do you recognize yourself in these statements?

✓You find it hard taking the decision to change your life
✓You want change but you can’t get started

✓Other people’s opinions are holding you back
✓You started with a great idea but your own limited believes are holding you back
✓You don’t believe it’s possible for you
✓You feel overwhelmed and exhausted
✓You want more joy, ease and flow in your family life
✓You want more financial abundance but don’t know how
✓You are pregnant and want support personalized in this amazing journey

Who is it for



 This is for You if

✓You want to experience the beauty and magic being an empowered woman/mother
✓You want to create your sacred beautiful life
✓Your are exhausted and don’t know where to start
✓You want to be vibrant and exude RADIANCE
✓You’re ready to own your beauty and live your TRUE potential
✓you’re willing to take an honest look at your shadow side and face your inner blocks
✓you know you’re ready to do whatever it takes to change your life from striving to THRIVING on all levels
✓You want to create more prosperity & financial abundance in your life
✓You want to experience a pregnancy & birth that’s beyond MAGICAL, joyful and empowering

 This is not for You if

✓You’re not willing to invest in yourself
✓You’re not willing to take responsibility for your life
✓You’re not willing to take an honest look at what keeps you from living a beautiful, thriving life

✓You’re not willing to do what it takes
✓You’re not willing to take inspired action
✓You’re looking for excuses
✓You’re thinking I know this already





What will you receive in the 3 Month Private Mentoring


Fleur feather

❥Connect to what you dream of and what you truly desire
❥Rituals to empower your daily life
❥Intuitive insights from me
❥Powerful tools to build a bigger belief in yourself
❥Tools to overcome fear, doubt, disbelief, playing small, feeling lack
❥Greater sense of Inner peace and fulfillment
❥A deeper connection with yourself, your children and your loved ones
❥Balance and playfulness in your family life
❥Personalized EXQUISITE SELF CARE practice to support you
❥Cultivate a STRONGER Connection with your INTUITION
❥AWAKENING full expression of your feminine soul power
❥Accountability for your inspired action steps
❥Weekly SUPPORT and guidance throughout the journey
❥BLOSSOM as the woman you’ve always known yourself to be
❥Greater abundance in all areas of your life


Crystal small

✓3 month JoyLoveGrace Private mentoring
✓1x a week personal one-hour call
✓$1597 for three months



✓We start with a 1.5 hour free call (value $ 150)
✓Monthly personal journal

✓Weekly audio recording from me to keep you inspired (priceless)

Are you ready to take your life and career to the next level? 
I want for you a thriving life. A life you love living. A life where you share your unique gift with the world.
Claim your spot in this transformational mentoring program now.




Laura pic round“Fleur embodies the essence of the Goddess. She inspires me with her beauty, grace and the ease in which she integrates exquisite self care into all aspects of her life as a woman, wife, mother and soul traveler. It is such a gift to witness the renaissance of femininity through Fleur’s presence.”
– Laura Hollick, Canada, laurahollick.com



Ute round“Although I have a morning ritual that clears the fog from my mind, I was still finding it difficult to feel fully present as soon as I sat down to work. With Fleur’s intuitive guidance she immediately honed in on what was missing and needed attention. I now have a wonderful ritual I can use in the moment whenever I want to return to the present moment and feel the energy moving through my body. During our session I felt so seen by a woman who lives in the powerful and graceful state of feminine receptivity. I want more of that in my life! Thanks so much for our beautiful experience together, Fleur.”
– Ute Lambrecht, New Zealand, www.mastermindhub.com


Christina round“I felt so nourished and grounded after my coaching session with Fleur. Fleur’s brilliance and unique gift is that she is effortlessly modeling how to  be a natural women in this modern world. She is teaching us how to create a life that is in harmony with nature and in alignment with our true nature and beauty of who we truly are. Fleur is full of joy, love, harmony and grace. She is a big inspiration and coach for those of us who wish to come into the power of our full femininity. Her gentle, soft feminine approach make you immediatly sooth and relax into the sacred space she is creating and holding for you. At the same time this woman is a  true powerhouse. She know how to access the gifts of intuition and Mother Nature. For me she is the embodiment of Mother Nature, her biggest love and inspiration is her beautiful family. Her wisdom and experiences as a world traveler, guide, natural beauty expert, gardener, raw foodie, wife and homeschooling mother of 4 beautiful children will inspire you to cultivate and create a soulful, mindful living for yourself and give you lots of simple and practical tips towards blossoming into the beauty that you are.” 
– Christina Szegedi, Switzerland, www.christinaszegedi.com