Fleur & Kim Ho
Once upon a time …

… in a small country, somewhere on the Northern hemisphere of the beautiful planet called earth, we, Fleur and Kim Ho, had a vision to join forces and create a family enterprise for ourselves, you and the world. We saw the big picture and connected the dots. JoyLoveGrace – Inspiration and Guidance for Soulful Family Life – is a dream that came into being.

So, what’s Soulful Family Life?

Every day life is a tremendous, precious gift. Each day can be inspiring, uplifting and effortless. In our life when we set a clear intention for the day and connect with our true nature, everything flows naturally. We’re practicing a lifestyle that is based on consciousness, unconditional love and ease, instead of hard striving or fear. 

It’s a different approach and it’s all about taking full responsibility for your life. You’re the creator of happiness in yourself, whether things go smoothly or wrongly. It doesn’t matter where you are, you’re carrying paradise within you, always. Seeing the beauty in every moment, whether it’s good, bad or ugly, is how we live.

La familia

As parents of four gorgeous children, we experience this soulful-ness in our family life. It’s highly rewarding, fulfilling and joyful. But, you certainly don’t have to be a parent to choose this optimal life. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, a manager, lawyer, online entrepreneur, student, young adult, middle-aged or retired, we believe you too can have the fulfillment and bliss of a Soulful Family Life. Besides, you’re all a member of a family or tribe.

What do we want for you?

JoyLoveGrace is a sacred learning environment for inspiration, guidance and love. We’re so thrilled to connect with you and inspire you. We’re here to support you in living a joyful, beautiful, meaningful, wealthy and legendary YOU to the fullest! We offer strategies, rituals and tools to create YOUR beautiful, thriving life.

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Creating the dreams that live in our hearts and manifesting them is our responsibility and gift to the world. We’re aligning our dreams with reality.

Shaping the life we absolutely love requires a change in ourselves, in our belief system as well as a deep trust and knowing that there’s a higher power guiding us. Actually, it’s the same energy that created us in the first place.

For this creative electricity to move through us, our own channels of self-doubt, fear and disbelief need to be cleared out. JoyLoveGrace is here to spark your journey and guide you to the greatest possibilities – EVER.

Tree of Life - tree

Our planet is rapidly changing. New ways of being and thinking are very much needed. Let’s have the courage and shift to a new paradigm of collaboration in which all our intentions come from joy, love, grace and abundance. How different our planet would be?

We share thought-provoking ideas, insights, wellness tips, daily miracles, and little adventures in our blog.

One of the most important values for us is freedom. The freedom to choose our own thoughts. The power and the courage to choose how we create and perceive our lives every day. The privilege to fully embrace life.

This is how we aspire to live our lives. This is how we raise our family. This is how we see the future for our planet. It’s a new world that is rooted in compassion, trust and gratitude rather than rooted in fear, control and power.

Our children stand on our shoulders, they carry the future of planet and mankind. Therefore, it’s crucial we start living and acting from a place of unconditional love. In our vision, the only force to heal humanity.

Our manifesto

Joy is our natural state of being. It’s our birth right. Let’s exercise the joy muscle daily, so we can start living in our unique brilliance most of the time. Then it becomes sustainable. Deepen the roots of your joy tree and it will bear the fruits you long for.

Love is our divine essence. Love is the most powerful energy. Love is the healing energy too. More than ever, we need the power of unconditional love. Unconditional love for ourselves, each other and the planet.

Grace represents our truth. It’s to offer no
resistance to life. It’s to be in a state of ease and lightness. Magic is the equivalent of grace. Grace is all around you. You can overflow with grace and have everything your heart desires. It’s up to you how much grace you let in. The sun shines on everybody. Do you choose to face the sun?