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Hey dear friend. Welcome.

I’m so happy you’re here!

I’d love to tell you some things about my new ebook Uma’s Raw TheLights. It’s my first book.
Uma’s Raw TheLights
contains 20 recipes with delicious pictures, clear step-by-step instructions, an interactive photo gallery, easy-to-navigate table of contentswelcome video, personal quotes and lots of JOY, LOVE, and GRACE.

Here’s a sneak preview of some featured recipes in Uma’s Raw TheLights:

Chocolate TheLight Crepes

Chocolate The★Light Crepes

Mango Pie

Mango Pie

Carob Chocolate Bars & Maca Bars

Carob Chocolate Bars & Maca Bars

This ebook is forDancing-Uma-trans

❥ Families who want to learn how to make easy sweet raw recipes
❥ Children and people who want to live a healthier and yummier life
❥ People who love creating and exploring new things
❥ People who love yummy food

So, if everything resonates with you I think you’re in the right place (-:

Reasons why I made this book

❥ I want to inspire children and people to be healthier and happier
❥ I’d love to teach how to make raw, sweet delights
❥ I’d also love to give back and support the pandas

Your support

Pandas International

I’d love to give back to the endangered animals in the world. If you buy this ebook, you’ll support the pandas; of each sold book I’ll donate $0.99 to the foundation Pandas International.

Much love,
Uma Fa Grace

 Where can you buy Uma’s Raw Thelights?

iBook cover

Uma’s Raw TheLights is now available on iBooks for $6.99 in the U.S. iBook Store and
for €5,99 in iBook Stores in Europe. The ebook is worldwide available in 51 countries.

It is compatible for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. You can look for your copy by clicking the logo.








Uma loves to inspire and influence people from around the world with her message and delicious delights. Do you know people who might like Uma’s Raw Thelights and benefit from this information? Be an angel in their life and share this ebook with them.

Kind Words


laura-rainbow round“Uma’s Raw TheLights is a glorious celebration of the beauty of food and the power food has to heal, inspire    and nourish our body and soul.

 I am nibbling on treats inspired by this book as I write these words….absolutely delicious!”

 – Laura Hollick, Artist, Shaman,

SabineStephane“We love Uma Fa’s recipes book. We have a great passion for this kind of healthy, vibrant and real food
which is nourishing the body, mind and soul. She makes great authentic recipes that we all love and enjoy every time. 
It gives us new ideas for creating even more new recipes ourselves and it demonstrates that raw food is safe for kids – where cooking can be dangerous. It’s inspiring and we’re discovering new tastes.

Thanks for being a light in the raw food movement.” 

– Sabine Nicon & Stephan Nicon,

Shakaya Leone round“Uma Fa is an enchanting young lady with a powerful message for conscious foodies everywhere!
She has created an adventure with every page a celebration of beauty, love and goodness.
Delicious and nutritious Self-Care to inspire your mouth and your health!”

– Shakaya Leone, Exquisite Self-Care Mentor & Author of Nude Food,

Christina round“Uma’s Raw TheLights is a beautiful collection of delicious raw treats that are simple to make, while nourishing the body and being kind to the planet.Uma is such an inspiring creative soul.

 I love her intention to save the pandas in China with this ebook.
I already made some of the recipes with my children and
they love to look at Uma’s wonderful images and get inspired.

Please share this ebook with every one you know to help the health of our children and our planet.”
With lots of Love, 

– Christina Szegedi, Artist, Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Body-Mind-Soul Coach,

Saskia round“Thank you, Uma Fa, for your book. The recipes in your book taste and look amazing. It is definitely a stimulant for children, boys and girls of all ages (by the way for adults too),
to get into the kitchen and make these recipes themselves. 

Your recipes can be used as a base and everyone can put in their own fruits and veggies, but you don’t have to. The recipes are easy to make and taste pure, alive, energetic, sweet, smooth, soft and,
it’s healthy at the same time. 
A healthy lifestyle starts with you!” 

– Saskia van Ommen, Life and Food Coach,

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