Why we must raise our vibration and become a beacon of light


“When you start to shift your focus, you enter into a world of pure beauty, possibility and magic.”
– Fleur Van Til

More than ever we’re called to raise our energy, our awareness and our ability to embody our fullest capacity of creative possibility here on earth.

There’s no denying that our world is in a state of profound disbalance and confusion and if you’re sensitive like me, you can feel it. 

Rather than looking outside for answers, the real source of this disbalance, of course can be found in our own state of consciousness.

A confused mind creates a confused world, it’s that simple. As long as we let fear, limitation and scarcity dominate us, we can’t change our reality. It’s our assignment to be love and share love as much as possible. And just as we turn on the light when it’s dark, we’re here to turn up the love within us.

To deliberately choose love instead of fear and forgiveness instead of judgement takes daily practice. The same way we work our physical muscles, we practice to strengthen our spiritual muscles.

Today I’m sharing with you three simple practices to raise your energy, your vibration and find your way back to love, so you can start moving beyond the blocks of fear that might keep you from being and expressing all that you are.

Thank you so much, courageous soul, for being here!

From my heart to yours,

“Fear holds the treasures for your greatest dreams to unfold.”

Living Beyond Fear

I don’t pretend like I’ve mastered the subject of fear, however it’s certainly my great passion to learn and move beyond it, so I can be unstoppable and free.

If you feel even a bit that fear is stopping you from living your life fully and if you long to feel more free, more confident, more at peace in your daily life, please join me in the Free 4-day mini course: “Living beyond fear.” I can’t wait to explore this topic with you!

P.S. If you are interested in reading and learning more about fear and how to work with it, you can check out my article in the latest issue of MogulMuse Magazine. 

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  1. Ocean
    Ocean On 1 September 2016 at 15:52 Reply

    Thank you so much for the words, they are resonating in my heart.
    This morning I was standing between a thousand of beautiful
    butterflies, so many different, but all really one with each other.
    So many things giving around me the feeling I am alive.

    Thank you so much for sharing wonderful, touching and so true.
    Love from the Ocean

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